Youth Finds Success and Confidence with WIOA/DCCC/Get REAL

Elijah James PictureElijah James dropped out of school in 2015, due to health and family issues. He had only completed tenth grade. Even though he continued to have challenges, Elijah wanted to get back in school. His mother called to inquire about the WIOA/DCCC/Get REAL program, and after attending an enrollment session Elijah felt like it would be a good fit. The smaller classes, and the opportunity to work at his own pace worked well for him. He set a goal of completing his high school diploma within one year. He now lacks only three more credits, and is on track to complete his high school requirements by the end of the summer, and plans to enroll in Davidson County Community College in the Fall of 2016. He’s already earned his Gold Career Readiness Certificate.

Elijah worked through his fears and shyness and wanted to work with the public and through his WIOA case manager, started a work experience program at the Lexington YMCA. His worksite supervisor reports that Elijah demostrates a good work ethic, provides good customer service and has received excellent job evaluations.  Because of demonstrated leadership other workers often look to him for guidance. The work experience has really given Elijah more confidence and he has transferred that to the classroom. “Working at the YMCA has given me the confidence I needed to move to the next level, and being at the YMCA has taught me how to be a team player by putting customers first” Elijah relates.

Elijah has exhibited a lot of growth this year as a person and as a student. He has a great future ahead of him and can become a great leader for his community.