Success Stories

Young Woman’s Success is a Result of Hard Work and Help from DavidsonWorks

Ms. Jane Doe attended community college and obtained an Associate Degree in Paralegal. She later returned to college and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She built her career around administrative and business services working for Banks and Insurance Agencies. Ms. Doe had some longstanding employment with valued and stable employers. Ms. Doe gained invaluable experience in customer service, computer skills, and business services.

After working for a banking institution for many years, Ms. Doe made a calculated move to a new business. She made the move based on a considerable increase in salary and job satisfaction. She thought this would be her final career move; she only had a limited number of years left before she would be considering retirement. However, her expectations of the new job did not turn out as she had hoped.

Ms. Doe had only worked at the new job a few months before realizing this job was not as secure as she had expected. Even though she put her heart and soul into her work the employer’s expectations were not being met. She was not a fit for the job and the employer let her go. Ms. Doe was devastated. She had left a valued employer for this new job and now she was out of work. Returning to the previous company was not an option.

Ms. Doe attended an unemployment insurance eligibility review at the Lexington NCWorks Career Center and was provided information on the use of, labor market and career information tools, workshops, educational programs, and community services that were available to her. She had already been unemployed for a few weeks but had not utilized any of the NCWorks Center services.

Ms. Doe began to come into the NCWorks Center on a regular basis. She was assisted by several of the career advisors at the NCWorks Career Center, DavidsonWorks, in completing a resume, and she participated in workshops to include interview techniques. Ms. Doe regained her confidence and determination to get a new job. Job seeking at the NCWorks Career Center became her number one task. She used the resource room at the NCWorks Career Center, DavidsonWorks relentlessly.

Ms. Doe was able to obtain a position with a local banking institution.