Success Stories

Youth Finds Success and Confidence with WIOA/DCCC/Get REAL

Xzadrun Threadgill enrolled into the Get REAL Program in September 2018.  He was previously enrolled in homeschool and was taught by his mother.

While attending homeschool, Xzadrun did not gain any credits, so when he enrolled at Get REAL he needed a full 22 credits to graduate.  Xzadrun also scored below the 9.0 cut off score in reading on the TABE assessment, meaning he would have to work hard to improve his scores.  Thankfully, his math and language scores were above 9.

Xzadrun’s dedication of coming to school every day was a testament of the hard work he put in.  Also, while attending school during the day, Xzadrun entered into a work experience which would allow him to contribute to the bills at home. He completed the 500 max hours in the program.  After completing the work experience program, he and I started working on finding him a part time job in the afternoon since he still needed to help out at home.

During the career fair held at DCCC in October, he me Sherry Cam from Wal-Mart.  Ms. Cam interviewed Xzadrun and he was hired.  He has passed the background check and is now waiting on his orientation date to determine when he will begin work.

Xzadrun has also passed two parts of the HiSet high school equivalency test.  He needs to take three more tests and he will have his high school diploma.  While he’s been attending Get REAL, Xzadrun has participated in the 2019 NC Youth Summit and plans to attend the 2020 NC Youth Summit in Cary, NC.

Xzadrun is WIOA eligible and plans to attend DCCC when he completes his high school requirements.