Labor Market Information

As a part of our services to the business, economic development and educational communities, we provide labor market analysis, comprehensive economic forecasting, and economic impact data acquired through EMSI, a web-based subscription program. Data comes from 90 state and federal government sources and is updated regularly.

These services include:

  • Economic Forecasting reports – provides current statistics and up to 10-year projections for the growth and decline of jobs by industry, jobs by occupation, and demographics for a selected county or region, in addition to current unemployment data.
  • Economic Impact reports – input-output modeling, easy-to-use analysis of industries, industry clusters, and regional economic base. This is a critical tool used for understanding a region’s current economy and planning for future economic challenges and opportunities.
  • Career Pathway reports – provides data and analysis related to occupational competency (knowledge, skills and ability) requirements, regional human capital, and ways of identifying employment and retraining opportunities for dislocated or unemployed workers.
  • If you are interested in a specific forecast report, contact Cris Waugh at

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