Youth Finds Success and Confidence with WIOA/DDCC/Get REAL

D’ Avion enrolled into the Get Real Program in June 2018. He last attended public school with Lexington Sr. High School. He had completed the 11th grade and transferred 14 credits into Get REAL when he enrolled.

D’Avion had a good attitude toward school and was doing very well at the start. He was coming to school every day and would stay late on some days getting extra help or just doing some work in his classes.

Things took a bad turn one day when D’Avion was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got into some trouble. He was put on probation and at that time school was not a priority like it was at the beginning. He started missing school and for a while he had no place to stay due to his behavior outside of school. He was making bad choices and wouldn’t listen to anyone trying to help him.

Several months went by without hearing from D’Avion and we tried getting in touch with him, but none of the phone numbers we had worked. Then one day out of the blue D’ Avion called wanting to know if he could come back to school.

D’Avion returned and picked up from where he left off and gained several credits in the process. He was doing well at home and in school. He also had a job and things were looking up again for him. Finally, D’Avion needed only one class to complete his high school diploma.

While working on his last class we lost contact with D’ Avion again. He only needed to take the final exam, but we could not get him to return to school. Then COVID-19 came around and we didn’t know where D’Avion was living.

Several months passed and D’Avion called and told us that he wanted to finish up.  He returned to school with a new sense of urgency. This time his motivation was his daughter that came into his life months earlier.

D’Avion finished his last credit the day after his birthday on November 12, 2020. He plans to attend DCCC in the Spring 2021 where he will be sponsored by DavidsonWorks/WIOA.

Respectively Submitted
Eric Torrence,
Career Development Consultant